September 6, 2023

My Gut Wheel

How to keep balance ...

My Gut Wheel

To keep balance

What a moment of happiness – the first steps as a toddler. And then the first meters by bike. It’s a great feeling when you can keep your balance and ride carefree.

It's normal that as adults we don't have to think too much about balance. Unless there is an illness that disturbs the sense of balance or in old age, when it sometimes becomes more difficult to keep one's balance again. Then we remember how good it felt when everything was still in balance...

Balance accompanies us throughout life and plays a major role in many different areas ...

How good is the interaction between body and mind?
How balanced is our diet?
What is the relationship between activity and rest in our daily routine?
How much time do we spend in the real and how much in the virtual world?
What space does our work take up, what space does our leisure time take up?
How important are other people in our lives and what does our social life look like?

But it is also about topics such as finances (income and expenditure) or the development of prices (supply and demand).
And much more …

Diversity & balance

A healthy balance is good, but it is enriched even more by diversity:

When reporting takes different perspectives on an issue, the overall picture is more complete.
If we train in the areas of endurance and strength in sports and also integrate balance exercises, we promote our fitness on all levels.
When architecture combines design, functionality, stability, economy, ecological and social considerations, something really great is created.

The list could be continued indefinitely.

In any case, this also applies to ecosystems and our gut microbiome.
The greater the diversity, the greater the resilience to external disturbances.

Small slips are ok

Our body and our gut microbiome are constantly regenerating and can also compensate for short phases in which we pay less attention to our health.

For example, when we really hit the buffet on holiday. When we go out at the weekend and restful sleep is clearly neglected. When we work a lot more than the usual weekly hours for a while and thoughts of work do not let go of us even in our free time. When we don't have the time or just don't feel like doing social activities. When the weaker self prevails and we stay on the couch instead of being physically active.

If ...
Yes, if these are all exceptions and not the rule, then our body can compensate for that.

Long-term one-sideness weakens us and our gut microbiome.
Anything that is exaggerated in one way or another and taken to the extreme reduces diversity, upsets the balance and affects our health.

To help, Gutmore developed the “Gut Wheel” for its clients

Inspired by the “Wheel of Life” the Gut Wheel offers a simplified, visual impression of which areas are crucial for a balanced gut microbiome.

Your own assessment gives you a snapshot of the areas in which there may be room for improvement. In this way, goals can be set and progress can be evaluated.

The rating is between 1 (completely unsatisfied) and 10 (completely satisfied).

Sometimes circumstances or priorities change and we slip back into old ways …
In order to stay in balance as long as possible, it makes sense to regularly pick up the Gut Wheel, reassess the areas and take measures if necessary.

It’s easier to take targeted action when you know the microbial composition of your gut microbiome.
Want to know how diverse it is and learn more about how to improve it?
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