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10-Week Program

Our 10-Week Program leads you to an empowered you, ready to step into a healthier and happier life.

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Week 3

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Week 4

Intro & Personality Test

Week 5

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Personality Test Results

Week 7

Review Weekly Milestones

Week 9

Gut Microbiome Test Results

Week 10

Final Personal Report


The best investment in you

If you are looking to optimise your well-being and establish a solid foundation for your future, this 10-Week Program might be the right investment for you.

An all-inclusive plan

A practical, bespoke and action-oriented 10-Week Program focused on achieving an empowered version of yourself, ready to step into a healthier and happier life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Gutmore unique?

Gutmore combines your gut health and personal strengths, the keys to achieving your full potential. Your bespoke plan is based on scientific test results, background information and detailed analysis of your lifestyle. Alongside individual guidance, it focuses on building a solid foundation towards a healthier and happier you. Want to find out more about our 10-Week Program? Let's schedule a 30-min complimentary call to discuss further.

Is the 10-Week Program easy to implement in my day-to-day routine?

Based on your needs and our analysis, we deliver a personalised toolkit to make it easy for you to follow. Gutmore’s aim is to release your full potential and make your life smoother in the long run.

What is Michaela's background?

Having grown up on a farm in Austria, Michaela soon perceived the importance of having balanced diets, seasonal cooking, and sustainable productions. Certified TLP-navigator practitioner, with an MBA under her wings, a Master Degree in Nutrition and a thesis in Neuroleadership in Change Management, Michaela has also worked in the pharmaceutical business for 10 years. Being the mother of a lovely 10-year-old and the wife of a busy corporate executive, the complexity that lies in managing life has soon become part of her DNA. Having lived in Switzerland, Slovakia, and, most recently, Portugal, Michaela has become familiar with the different rhythms of life.

How is my stool sample analysed?

The analysis is based on Next Generation DNA Sequencing (the most modern method for DNA determination). The laboratory uses this method to analyse the DNA of your bacteria so we know which bacteria are in your stool sample, how much of it and also how well they metabolize, for example, fat.

What does my gut have to do with my general well-being?

Our guts responsibility goes beyond digestion and energy production. As a complex ecosystem, it has influence on our immune system, hormonal balance, skin and mental health, weight management and our overall wellbeing. Stress, one-sided diet, lack of sleep and exercise are toxic for the diversity of our gut microbiome. Understanding the composition and needs of your very unique gut microbiome is the first step to a healthier you.

Am I the right person for Gutmore?

Our gut is in connection with our brain, our immune system, our skin and has influence on our general health. Furthermore, the impact of our personal lifestyle on our intestinal microbiome is massive. Anxiety and stress, for example, may generate an unbalanced microbiome while digestive disorders can cause stress. Analysing your gut microbiome can be of great help, also, if you have certain health issues. Considering this, Gutmore believes that a holistic approach combining detailed gut knowledge, awareness of your personal talents, and the abilities to nurture the gut and mind is the right way to achieve a healthy, happy, and balanced you. A perfect start for those looking to empower themselves.

Do you offer virtual appointments?


Where is my stool sample analysed?

In a laboratory at the Medical University of Vienna.

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